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DayZ - Survivor Diary - Life 1, Day 1

Chernarus - DayZ's full playable map (originally from ARMA2).
DayZ, as mentioned in the previous post, features a 225 square kilometer playable area. This is littered with small villages, towns, cities, farmsteads, mountains, forests, lakes, islands, industrial areas, airfields and much more.

Throughout these Diary entries I will be referring to locations shown on this main map, so it would be wise to have this open in a separate tab, alternatively you could just take a look at the individual route maps that I quickly draw up, with all point of interest markers already labelled out. It is a good idea to have some previous knowledge of how the game works, and that can be done by simply having a look at CHKilroy's "The Days Ahead" YouTube series and perhaps reading up on some gameplay features on the unofficial DayZ Wiki, which has a link to live video-streams to check out over at that are always worth a watch.

Before I go ahead and start telling you the story of my epic adventure across Chernarus, I'll just mention that DayZ features perma-death. In other words you start out with a basic set of equipment, which I shall go through below, and play the game collecting whatever you find doing what you want, but when you die all your stuff you have found in that life is gone. Your character is dead, with other players free to loot your body (they've got to survive too!). To continue playing you start as a new persona with the same basic equipment, and you always spawn on the coast. You make your own objectives.

Starting Equipment

  • Basic 8-slot backpack.
  • Filled water bottle.
  • 2 bandages
  • 2 painkillers
  • 2 morphine auto injectors
  • Pack of 10 flares
  • 2 cans of food (Beans!)
  • Makarov pistol with 6 spare magazines.

Day 1 route.
Spawned roughly a kilometer south of Solnichniy. Immediate thoughts were to make my way towards buildings I saw along the coastline. At this point I didn't know whether I was walking North, East or West.

As I made my way along the coast I heard automatic gunfire coming from the center of Solnichniy, along with at least half a dozen zombies running towards that direction. Deciding against investigating who fired the shots, given my lack of good equipment and not knowing whether they were friend or foe, I headed across the main road into the tree-line and back South along the coast.

Approaching a bend along the coastline I saw a glimpse of a lighthouse through the trees across the road. With no zombies in sight and the sounds of gunfire and other players way behind me, I entered the lighthouse in search for loot. Unfortunately there was nothing of value, only some empty food and soda cans. Climbing the lighthouse did give me the opportunity to survey my location, however. I noticed to the West (I thought) a small coastal village that I made my objective to explore next. Shipwrecks and a mountainous island greeted me to the South, and this became an important visual marker to keep my bearings.

Making my way West I emerged from the tree-line, crossed the road and hugged the water's edge up to the outskirts of what I soon found out to be the village of Kamyshovo from the nearby road signs. Zombies roamed the main street and blocked my route near the water, so I climbed the hill to my right and skirted across to a road heading inland that had more residential housing to explore. Nothing but scrap and the odd pile of wood that I could use to light a fire, if only I had matches.

Deciding to leave and head further West, I hugged the tree-line yet again. Suddenly, a few hundred meters away on the main road I saw another player jogging towards me in a low crouch. I immediately thought he had saw me first given he was headed straight towards me. I walked out to the middle of the road, hoping he was friendly. Not knowing what to expect, he stopped next to me, and then carried on down the road East back towards Kamyshovo, stopping to look back as if expecting me to follow. That's just what I did. Looking at his backpack I could see he was new to this world the same as me, however he seemed to be a little more gung-ho than I prefer. Now jogging straight down the main street, we were attracting attention from zombies across the village. I soon burned through half my ammunition seemingly just to protect this other guy, and that's when he got taken down. Hurt and on the floor, I finished off the last zombies that were alerted to all the commotion and used one of my bandages to stop the guy's bleeding. Regaining control, we headed inland. Only for him to attract yet more zombies by making too much noise. I made my mind up, this guy was a liability. I abandoned him. He ran off in the direction of the lighthouse, with a comically large number of zombies at his tail, whilst I skulked away into the hills.

Knowing that everyone spawns along the coastline and are probably doing exactly the same thing near built up areas, I thought I would end up with more of a chance inland. I found a warehouse following the Kamyshovo road North which was surrounded by about 5 zombies. Trying to avoid a confrontation I sneaked into the building by keeping my distance and going slow to make less noise. Inside I hit the jackpot; a Lee Enfield rifle with 15 rounds, more ammo for my Makarov and a mag for an M1911 pistol, should I ever find the gun. Exiting, I made a mistake. Not looking where I was going I actually walked straight into a crouched down zombie. Panicking, I fired whatever I had in my hands; unfortunately it was the Enfield. The loud crack echoed through the surrounding woods and the 5 zombies immediately made a bee-line for me. I turned and started running West up a slight hill. When I noticed I had a gap between me and the first zombie, I turned and began to pick them off. Only the last one managed to take a swipe at me, but I got away fine.

After that close encounter I continued up the hill Westwards, soon coming across an elevated wooden Deer Stand on the edge of a field. 3 military uniformed zombies we stumbling around nearby, and I took them out with the Enfield. Up the steps and in the stand were some medical supplies (bandages) including more flares and a pack of 10 ChemLights, small multicoloured glowsticks that last a full 60 minutes as apposed to 5 minutes for flares. Pleased at my new equipment I made my way up to a ridge-line, which I followed along in a North Westerly direction.

Marked on the map as Rog, this was a small rocky ruin of a castle high up among the trees I happened to come across. Sneaking closer, I saw at least a dozen zombies. More than I could take out with my Enfield and Makarov given my limited ammunition, I abandoned the search and followed a dirt road North. Two lone zombies were ahead of me a few hundred meters along the track, so I dived into the trees and crept past. The trees petered out, and a clear field opened out facing a long sloped hill.

Making my way up the hill and looking back towards Rog, I could see everything to the South. Not a soul in sight and the Sun setting to the West, a small copse of trees and long grass made my camp for the night at the summit. A final scout around made me notice a settlement at the base of the hill to the North East; the objective for the following day.

More stories from my adventure coming soon!

Until next time,

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